Saturday, 31 January 2015

Communist Memorial Day

Ruskin House Croydon

Today (Sat 31st January) Croydon’s far left are holding a ‘Holocaust memorial concert' at Ruskin House Croydon. Ruskin House is home to Croydon Labour Party, trade unions and The Communist Party. The Communists have the Hammer and Sickle flag up in their windows.
For those readers unaware, communism is so far directly responsible for the deaths of over 100 million people around the world.
Why would anybody wish to mourn the deaths of some people who died in concentration camps while celebrating a cult responsible for the deaths on many times as many people?
Why to Croydon’s Far Left are the lives of some people who died in World War Two worth so much more than the lives of everyone else who died?
Rest In Peace the victims of Communism Past, Present and Future.

  Ruskin House Croydon

 Looney House Croydon (Lunar)
 Oct 2013

Marxist School

 Keziah Featherstone @BLC_Head34

I have seen on Facebook and in the News about the school in Bristol that has been brainwashing Pupils against the National Front, EDL, BNP and UKIP. The Head Teacher of the School, Keziah Featherstone has claimed that it was a mistake by one Teacher and has apologised to UKIP,. At the time of writing this it is unclear whether she has or intends to apologise to any other group slandered, but while waiting for a response I decided to look into Featherstone’s Twitter account to she’s what she is about.
Keziah Featherstone has a Twitter account named @BLC_Head34 a reference to the school she is employed by (Bridge Learning Campus) in Bristol. She uses this Twitter account to promote and re-tweet the Labour Party and promote Homosexuality.
Below are some of the tweet she has tweeted or re-tweeted so readers can make up their own mind as to whether she has overstepped the mark by using a school twitter account to promote political agendas? Hopefully the children at her school have enough of her in school and don’t bother reading her online propaganda. But to me it looks very unlikely that the political attack was a genuine mistake by another teacher.
Update: I have now had a response from @BLC_Head34. Rather than answer my simple questions she has blocked me on Twitter.